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Updating My Home in Montgomery County PA

As I’ve been traveling, I have had a wonderful contractor working on my home. Handyman Montco is a Handyman in Montgomery County, PA.

Handyman Montco offers a variety of services, but they have been focused on my new kitchen remodeling. I am so excited to have an updated kitchen! I’ll keep you posted with updates.

Trout Fishing in Taupo New Zealand

Trout fishing has long been a celebrated activity in Taupo, and anglers have come from all corners of the world to get a chance to catch their own! Nothing is more thrilling than reeling in your fat and shiny wild trout – and Taupo is full of them. Rookie and seasoned anglers alike can both enjoy the many unique locations to cast a line.

Rainbow and brown trout were introduced to Lake Taupo in the late 1800s. Since then, Lake Taupo’s crystal-clear waters have become renowned as an angler’s paradise, with the Turangi, noted at the gold standard of trout fishing throughout both New Zealand and the world.

Year-Round Fishing
One of the best things about trout fishing in Taupo, New Zealand, is that you can do it all year long! Whether it is spring, fall, summer, or winter, plenty of fish is caught in the rich and robust ecosystem throughout the year. Year-round fishing is predominantly for rainbow trout, but they are also plenty of trophy browns to be caught if you are willing to put in the time and the effort.

Lake Taupo
Taupo is the largest lake found in New Zealand, and it is located in the middle of the North Island, right on a volcanic plateau. One of the reasons it produces such well-conditioned fish is because its water is very cold, very clean, and is home to an abundance of food sources for its scaly inhabitants. Lake Taupo is incredibly deep, but it has many different areas along the shoreline that are excellent for fishing. The best sites to fish around the lake are around any of the many stream mouths. These are the areas in which fish congregate during the warmer months and possibly where they migrate during the winter spawning runs.

Winter Fishing
During the colder months, massive amounts of large trout enter the rivers and make their way upstream to spawn. This is one of the best times to go fishing as the trout that are entering the rivers are in superior condition, and trophy-sized fish are caught regularly.

During the winter months, the river and the mouths of the stream are popular fishing spots. Most of the fish tend to move up the river after heavy rainfall, and once the water levels drop, the fishing can be incredible.

Summer Fishing
Summer is another excellent time to fish on Lake Taupo. During the early summer, the return of spawning trout coincides with the smelting season, which is great news for anglers. Some of the best fishing in the summer is done in the shallows, where the trout are found following the smelt. Larger fish are often caught from the shore.

Fishing Methods
The most popular fishing method on the lake is trolling, which includes wire lining, lead line trolling, or the use of downriggers. You will also find many anglers jigging the drop-offs or fly-fishing around the shores of the lake or at the river’s mouths. Dry fly and nymph fishing are popular during the summer months.




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